Worskshop for
Reproductive Medicine Institutes


Psychological support for Couples in
Fertility Treatment

B2B: for Medical Institutes only

THE COUPLES CLINIC workshop is designed for Reproductive Medicine Institutes to offer additional mental support for their clients – pre, during and after the medical process of fertility treatment. A holistic and forward-looking approach to the future of reproductive medical treatments – that place human needs and health in the center of attention and ensure growing client satisfaction based on sound expertise and faithful relationships between clients and experts.


THE COUPLES CLINIC workshop offers a contemporary and multi-disciplinary therapeutical approach to assist couples in the emotional and relational challenges of the reproductive medical process – based on empathy, emotional intelligence and confidence in the self-efficiancy of the partners. The quality of a couple’s relationship does not guarantee fertilization, but contributes to personal mental health. This is a central condition for healthy pregnancies, fulfilled parenthood and happy children. 

THE COUPLES CLINIC workshop has been carefully developed by the Berlin based IMAGO and Couples Therapist Natalie Viaux to enable Reproductive Medicine Institutes to provide additional psychological support on a holistic consultancy service level. This workshop offers profound access to couples therapy for your clients – in a professional, however low-threshold, safe and supportive way. 

THE COUPLES CLINIC workshop is a two-day event for couples, based on the IMAGO method – including guided dialogue diads, psycho education, group presentations, mental relaxation and q&a section. It helps couples in strengthening their personal resilience and relational space. They learn to distinguish unconscious reactivity from conscious reactions and to transform unhealthy patterns. They grow (self-)motivation, crisis intervention skills and find sustainable ways of dealing with loss.

Complete your medical excellence and enhance your services through innovative Mental Health Care. This workshop strengthens the external perception of the clinic and offers a credible content to attract new clients based on high-quality services. It is an exclusive addition to your existing psychoterapeutic services and continuous expansion of your clinical portfolio to guarantee a 360 degree support of your clients. Book this inspiring workshop as a next level event for your Institute – all-embracing your clients’ journey to reproductive health.

: german or english
Services:   2-day workshop with Couples Therapist Natalie Viaux at your Institute