Emotional intelligent leaders & teams – mature professional relationships.

1. WORK is relationship.
2. Mindful working relations have to be MADE.
3. The quality of your work life determines the SUCCESS of the company.

YOUR FRIENDS FROM THE COACHING COMPANY is a Berlin based agency for corporate mental health, leadership coaching, conflict management and seamless companywide communication. We listen and build bridges between people. We transform employee relations and develop tangible benefits, through strengthening the crucial factors for success. We provide sustainable support for key decision makers, teams and HR managers. We work with individuals, companies and institutions with high demands – enabling a nourishing, inspiring and successful work life amongst leaders and teams.

* communication and conflict management
* (female) leadership skills
* adaptability and resilience
* motivation and employee entrepreneurial spirit
* self-sabotage v self-awareness
* mindfulness at work
* emotional maturity in the age of digitalization
* potential and creativity
* playfulness at work

YFFTCC offers in-house trainings through workshops in modular units and one-on-one coaching sessions.

We are based in Berlin but as global nomads we work around Germany and
all the lovely places where you are. We work bilingual – English and German.

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